Learn to manage summer holidays, Christmas, and other festivities!


Tips for summer weight management


  • Don’t try to restrict in preparation for a vacation/swimsuit body!This can backfire.


  • Do feel confident in yourself, and remember no ‘body’ is perfect!


  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in when you buy them.Do not buy clothes in anticipation that you will lose weight! When you do lose weight, then treat yourself to new clothes!


  • Plan what you will eat ahead in anticipation of social situations


  • Ensure you have healthy snacks with you while travelling


  • Avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mentality on vacation! You CAN incorporate ‘treats’ into your plan, and you can also have the occasional splurge withtout damage as long as you return to a balanced, healthy way of eating!


  • Use the summer to your advantage, whether the change in routine means more time to cook new recipes, opportunities to do different kinds of exercise, and pursuing other hobbies that enrich your life.Make your summer interesting so that food is not the focus!



Tips for Christmas/ Thanksgiving



  • Remember – the meaning of Christmas isn’t food!! Think about your own values, what values you want to live by. Consider the purpose of haviing excess junk food around, versus what would happen if you didn’t?


  • To avoid temptation, don’t buy ‘food gifts’ until the last minute when you are about to wrap them.


  • Ensure healthy alternatives are always available


  • Manage stress levels!Mindfulness practise can help with this, along with getting outside of the house for a walk.


  • Plan ahead for social situations – how you will deal with difficult people, and what you plan to eat. Bring some food yourself to a party if you are unsure what will be available!


  • Avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mentality! You can have treats and don’t need to go overboard.


  • Plan some social events yourself with friends and family that don’t have food as the focus!


  • If you would like people to help and support you, ask them and explain what help you need.


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!”


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