Successful Weight Loss

  • Practical solutions and techniques for controlling your food and weight.
  • Exploration and understanding of the various and complex issues that are preventing you from long term weight loss, both physiological and psychological.
  • A changed relationship with food and a healthier relationship with your body.
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles and challenges that present themselves along the way.
  • Tools that you can use for life to self monitor and continue managing your weight yourself.
  • Many opportunities to apply learning to your own journey through the use of reflection exercises, online worksheets, and downloads.

Many Benefits

Not only positive weight outcomes, but other positive health outcomes are likely in terms of lowered cholesterol, blood pressure and good sugar, increased level of fitness, and a more positive mental state.

Knowledge of issues which affect your ability to lose weight and keep it off, including nutritional wisdom, blood sugar issues, stress management, mindful eating, will power, lifestyle issues & more, from recent research in the field of weight loss and obesity management. You will also learn how to apply this knowledge to your own situation.



I’ve tried so many diets over the years such as Atkins, Ideal Protein, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and many others which have had varying levels of success. The main problem with all these diets is that once I lost the weight, I very quickly put it all back on again. I really wish I’d known about…

Not just another diet

Are you sick of dieting?  Have you been on multiple diets and find yourself back where you started?  Have you noticed that dieting doesn’t really seem to work?


Over 60% of the American adult population are obese or overweight, and 45 million Americans are currently on a diet.  If dieting worked, surely we would see a reduction in levels of obesity, however, obesity and weight related health problems are continuing to rise and have become one of the major worldwide concerns of health officials today.


Studies have shown that the majority of those who lose weight regain ALL their lost weight, and sometimes more, in the long term.  Within 3 years after a diet, 65% of all dieters will be back at their original weight, and if dieters lose their weight fast, only 5% of dieters manage to keep it off.  In this program you will gain an understanding of the difficulties with ideas, and explore an alternative, long term approach to long term weight change.


If your relationship with food has become unhealthy and a burden to you, this could be the right program for you.  This is NOT another dieting plan where you will count calories and focus on the number of the scales.  This is a plan designed to radically change your relationship with food, help you to understand the role that food plays in your life, and help you to overcome the obstacles that have been preventing you losing weight and keeping it off.  The strategies used in this course encompass the latest concepts and research in interventions that help you to lose weight, and also considers the factors that you need to take into account if you want to keep the weight off long term.


Some of the key areas we will be exploring are:

  • motivation levels
  • emotional eating
  • physiology
  • lifestyle
  • negative thoughts
  • nutritional change
  • setting boundaries
  • perfectionism
  • habits & willpower
  • maintaining your weight


There will be ample space for you to explore your emotional life and grow in this area so that food and weight can become less important to you, and take its rightful place in your life, leaving room for you to focus on yourself and other areas of your life.


If you want to improve your health and weight status, are willing to learn new techniques and strategies, and are ready to commit to at least 15 weeks of reflection and growth, get started today.


Meet Janine


Janine, an accredited psychotherapist and weight management coach, created the Healthy Weight Strategies online programme after hearing many similar stories and experiences, to meet the needs of clients who needed a safe, confidential platform to help them navigate their weight loss journey for themselves, and develop their own tools to change their relationship with food.


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