Successful Weight Loss

Practical solutions for controlling food and weight
Eliminate cravings
Sustainable weight loss
A mind/body approach

Many Benefits

Positive weight outcomes AND positive health outcomes
Look better!
Feel better!
Move better!



I’ve tried so many diets over the years such as Atkins, Ideal Protein, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and many others which have had varying levels of success. The main problem with all these diets is that once I lost the weight, I very quickly put it all back on again. I really wish I’d known about…

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Meet Janine


Janine, an accredited psychotherapist and weight management coach, created the Healthy Weight Strategies online programme after hearing many similar stories and experiences, to meet the needs of clients who needed a safe, confidential platform to help them navigate their weight loss journey for themselves, and develop their own tools to change their relationship with food.


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